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2nd tier response to Traffic Support duties.

Serving York Region, Ontario


Ongoing relationships with:

York Regional Police and Community Emergency Services

Community Road Watch

A proud supporter of the Road Watch Program in our communities.

Road Watch Website

What ETS does!

All of our members are volunteers. We assit local emergency services with traffic support duties. Which may include but not limited to: road closures, traffic re-direction, perimeter & scene protection, assisting motorists with vehicle breakdowns.

All of our members are fully trained in the basics of traffic issues, most are 1st Aid / CPR certified, and use there own vehicles to perform their duties.

Our Vehicles and Members

Our main concern is that our vehicles and members do not represent any emergency vehicle or agency in any form.

All vehicles meet the below minimum requirements:

- Lighting equipment (as per MTO, Amber flashing)

- Traffic Directional lighting (arrow bar)

- R7 Reflective striping (white or green)

- 10 pylons, flares, 1st aid kit, traffic light baton

- Communication (cell phone, CB or FRS)

All members have the below minimum requirements:

- Member ID card

- Reflective jacket (green) or traffic vest

- Volunteer Police Screening

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Community Requests

To request more information about our services and / or to volunteer within our group, please go to the Contact page.